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Steamatic Contents Recovery Services

Following a loss event, Steamatic can immediately secure your residence or facility. We utilize a computerized pricing system that can create an inventory of contents. Depending on the extent of the damage to the structure, contents can be cleaned on-location or removed to a secure facility. During property restoration, we offer property storage and complete inventory services.

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    Importance of Recovery

    Contents restoration is more than salvage; it is a semblance of normalcy inside utter chaos. A client might look at their home or building and see nothing but broken dreams and shattered memories. As a restoration company, it is vital to highlight those elements that are salvageable. Technicians will dig through the aftermath to find photos, documents, furniture, heirlooms, and anything else that still holds value. While it is often challenging to look at the charred remnants after a fire or the water-damaged items after a flood and see hope, restoration technicians–with the right equipment and techniques–can recover more than you’d expect.

    Understanding Content Restoration

    When discussing property restoration, it is crucial to understand the term’s scope. Property, while generally describing a structure, also includes content. For businesses, content often refers to files, receipts, computers, and other equipment. For residences or houses, content is more suggestive or family heirlooms, photos, furniture, and essential documents.

    A disaster can affect all elements but in different ways. A fire will cause smoke, soot, and water damage. A flood could lead to extensive water and mold damage. While every disaster comes with a unique set of problems, to the disaster and recovery specialist, each requires different techniques and tools to salvage and restore the property.

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    We are the industry experts, with certifications including the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration.
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